G Koop & O-man v58 "Night Terrors" feat M-Dot, Victor Keys, & Futurist Phil

"Night Terrors" features Boston's M-Dot (EMS Crew), with visual and musical contributions from Victor Keys and Futurist Phil.

G Koop & O-man vol 57 "On Off" feat Marc Stretch & DJ Toure. Shot by Andrew Elsayid

         Longtime collaborators Marc Stretch (Foreign Legion), and DJ Toure (Hieroglyphics), along with the team’s core, perform and record the upbeat and energetic "On Off,” a staple of the groups live set. 


G Koop & O-man Vol 57 ”On Off" showcases the interplay between band members and features the cinematography of Andrew Elsayid.

G Koop & O-man v56 "Ascent" feat CJ, Clay, & Wax Roof

Volume 56 is anchored by frequent collaborator CJ (HBK Gang) and Clay (LA based singer/songwriter) on “Ascent." They walk us through their creative process in the episode, as does guitarist Wax Roof. For the EP, the GKOM team mutated the core material of “Ascent” to create two additional tracks: the hypnotic “Ascent Part II Rotation,” which features CJ, singer/songwriter Khyenci, & ST Spittin (Schmop Life); and the frenetic “Ascent Part III Everybody Wanna Don’t Dance," a showcase for drummer Omayga’s uptempo funk grooves and some classic vocoder & talkbox.

GKOM vol 55: "Profile" feat Skipper

Volume 55 showcases the group's collaboration with Skipper (HBK Gang) on the track “Profile’ and a handful of remixes; including the “Big Bounce Mix” which also has a guest verse from CJ.

GKOM vol 54 "Ya Mawalana" feat Ant & Brother Ali

In Volume 54, the group creates the track “Ya Mawlana” with Brother Ali & Ant of the legendary Rhymesayers crew. 

G Koop and O-man vol 53 "Lost in the Game" feat Tajai, Izrell, London, Clip Payne, Omayga

The hiatus between season’s 2 and 3 saw the team (including frequent collaborator Anthony Caruso) collectively working with the likes of Drake, Funkadelic, Atmosphere, and Future as well as working on the soundtrack’s to such video games as The Last of Us, Journey, and Bloodborne.
Each episode of the show boasts collaborations with various artists and musicians. The first episode of season 3 “Lost In The Game” features artists Tajai Massey (Souls Of Mischief/Hieroglyphics), Izrell, and London, and musical contributions from Clip Payne (P-Funk All Stars) and Omayga.

G Koop & O-man #52 "Playback" feat Michael Hampton, JP Von Hitchburg, Quisse, & Ammbush

The Mothership descends upon Fuzz Deluxxe once again… this time with Rock & Roll Hall-of-Famer Michael Hampton AKA Kidd Funkadelic on bass and lead guitar.

Also featured in this episode, Quisse lends his fingers to our Wurlitzer electric piano and JP Von Hitchburg flexes his vocal chops.

Special guest Ammbush brings a special guest of his own, and lays down a verse before Michael Hampton’s face-melting guitar solo closes out the episode.

G Koop & O-man #51 "Hahaha" feat Shady Blaze & JP Von Hitchburg

JP Von Hitchburg brought his impressive vocal skills to Fuzz Deluxxe, and the GKOM team recorded him playing his vocal chords like a drumset.  Once JP finished recording each “drum,” Caruso chopped them all together to form a Human Drumkit for Koop to play.

A few synth pops & clicks later, we were ready for Shady Blaze who cut holes in this bangin’ Oakland beat.

G Koop & O-man #50 "Woah" feat Eastside Lock & JPBIGSHOT

Guest producer Eastside Lock takes the helm at Fuzz Deluxxe on this week’s installment, and the result is a savage drumbeat.  O-man finds a simple-yet-hypnotic piano loop and G Koop adds some clavinet & guitar.

Anthony Caruso gives us a brief history of the piano amp & morphs a vocal “Woah” into a gutteral robot noise.

JPBIGSHOT goes deep on the verse.

G Koop & O-man #49 "Understand That" feat Young Gully & Lauren Avery

In this installment of G Koop & O-man, violinist Lauren Avery graces Fuzz Deluxxe with her formidable violin and viola skills.  Koop knocks out a loop for her to play, and Lauren quickly layers all the elements of a full string section.  Caruso wastes no time stacking the strings and getting the mix just right.

Longtime friend and collaborator Futurist Philip lends his artist’s eye and documents the recording session in stunning clarity.

O-man knocks some live piano and drums into the mix, and Koop rounds it all out with some classic synth arpeggios and bass.

Young Gully comes in with a murderous verse.

G Koop & O-man #48 "Dohimthang" feat Sayknowledge

Sayknowledge raised the bar this week when he came into Fuzz Deluxxe with 2 killin verses and knocked ‘em out in less time than it takes to watch this video. Much respect. Hope you enjoy this week’s installment.

G Koop & O-man #47 "Money" feat Garrett Shider & Marshall Seedless Shider

We are humbled that Fuzz Deluxxe has become a regular stop for members of the the Parliament-Funkadelic camp.  In Vol 47, we welcome the legendary Garrett Shider who wasted no time laying down a wash of guitar ambiance and stacking a big, old-school choir.  We spent a day tracking and filming, and the next day Garrett’s brother Marshall Seedless Shider joined us to record the rap.

G Koop suggested the topic “money” and the two brothers went to work creating a vocal performance about the “root of all evil, ruler of the people.”  We can all relate.

O-man sneaks in some clavinet & lead synth, Caruso adds some fuzz guitar and helps sweeten the mix.

G Koop & O-man #46 "Vol 46" feat Blush, Willie Joe, & Markese

This video follows a train of thought from conception to execution as we welcome pop sensation Blush to Fuzz Deluxxe for their second GKOM appearance.  G Koop captures the sound of five lovely voices (Alisha, Angeli, Ji Hae, Nacho, & Victoria) as they combine to form a luscious choral sample reminiscent of The Beatles’ “Because.”

Rappers Willie Joe and Markese came through with fresh heat, and the entire construct and performance plays out in this behind-the-scenes look at the GKOM artistic process.

G Koop & O-man #45 "Rewind" feat Gigio

A friend of the family loaned us a 1986 keyboard by Ensoniq called the “Mirage.”  After wading through stacks of 3-1/2″ floppy disks, O-man found a nice gritty string sound and we got to work building a ferocious beat.  Koop’s gnarled synth-bassline is particularly iconic.

Things got weird when we ended up with Caruso on a recycling-bin-drumset and G Koop with a hand-held vacuum on the mic.

Overall, “Rewind” evolved into a driving, dark, almost grotesque dance beat.  Gigio found the vibe immediately and spit some fire at us.

G Koop & O-man #44 "Dedication" featuring Lige Curry, Kim Manning, & C.J. of HBK Gang

With P-Funk back in town for a stint at Yoshi’s, what better time to release a video featuring two of our favorite Allstars?  P-Funk veteran Lige Curry lays down the bass in a late-night live jam-session with G Koop on guitar & O-man on piano, and recurring GKOM guest Kim Manning lends her angelic voice.

Anthony Caruso (visually absent in this episode but always deep behind the scenes at Fuzz Deluxxe) helped create an epic and warm audio headspace, and he & Koop went to work turning things down.

The little grey synth makes a psychedelic appearance, O-man plays flute, and C.J. of HBK Gang puts down sixteen bars like a boss.  Hard work and dedication to the craft, that’s how we do it.

G Koop & O-man #43 feat Ariane, David Kaffinetti, Darian Gray, & Shyam

GKOM is thrilled to present a video featuring one of our musical heroes, David Kaffinetti (Viv Savage, keyboardist for Spinal Tap).  David came by Fuzz Deluxxe and regaled us with stories of the sights, sounds, and smells of his Spinal Tap days.

In preparation for Ariane Mitchell’s “Jackin’ Beats” mixtape party this week, we were able to utilize her all-star lineup, Shree Shyam Elton Bradman (editor of Bass Player Magazine and world-class percussionist) and Darian Gray (dummer/vocalist for Dynamic and Booker T).  Special thanks to Ariane for writing a verse and hook for this disturbingly funky beat.

We are truly inspired to play with David Kaffinetti. He he is a fantastic musician and good sport who gives generously his time, talent, and stories.  Everyone in the room was a little star-struck, but David just brought the funk to another level.  He is genuinely thrilled that his role in rock & roll history has brought so many people such happiness, and we were all impressed with his punctuality.

G Koop & O-man #42 "West Coastin" feat Whitton & Fego

Late night, on the Bay Area-to-Portland leg of their tour, our friends Ben & Whitton stopped by the Fuzz Cave to record some music.  We recorded a few live takes of some of Whitton’s songs, and Koop quickly got to work choppin’ broccoli.  Whitton’s etherial voice, combined with her unique guitar-tuning, provide an unexpected and beautiful backdrop for this hard-hittin westcoast beat.  O-man adds some vintage clavinet and a nice mellotron, Caruso adds some guitar and turns it all down.  He even gives a little insight into the art of TID.

Fego came thru with a relaxed, easy style and put in 16 bars.

G Koop & O-man #41 "Philly Accent" feat Sammy G

Special thanks to Matt Werner & Matt Moretti from the Thizzler family for connecting GKOM to Philly via rapper Sammy G.  Vol 41 “Philly Accent” has a stark simplicity to it which masks the underlying harmonic complexity.  Koop suggests some classical counterpoint performed between two vintage synthesizers, and we get to work.

G Koop & O-man #40 "Juice" feat Blush, Foreign Legion, DJ Toure, & DJ Platurn

Friday, March 1, 2013 marks the first live G Koop & O-man performance at the grand opening of theLegionnaire Saloon, Oakland, CA.  Owner and longtime GKOM friend Prozack Turner joins us on this special episode as we make our final preparations.  With him, as sometimes, appears fellow Foreign Legionnaire Marc Stretch.

When we saw that Quincy Jones was presenting pan-Asian supergroup “Blush” in the Bay Area, we were delighted when Chuck Fishman made arrangements to bring them to Fuzz Deluxxe for  a GKOM session.  Alisha, Angeli, Ji Hae, Nacho, and Victoria are generous with their vocal talents, and (among other musical goodies) they dropped some vocal stabs and whispers that we fed to DJ Platurn.

G Koop jumped on some footage of DJ Toure, hammered a drumbeat into shape, and added a juicy synth-bass.  From behind his native instrument and “coolest guitar ever,” Koop orchestrated the live performance accompanied by O-man and his subtle piano skills.  Even more subtle are the deft ears and fingers of Anthony Caruso who helped navigate the treacherous waters of small-room multi-microphone live recording.  His contribution to GKOM cannot be overstated.

Vol 40, “Juice” features our most extensive list of featured artists to date, and we consider it a privilege to host such lovely, humble, and talented guests.

G Koop & O-man #39 "Scared Money" feat Marc Garvy

New & improved, here’s the 39th installment of our show.

In this first-of-its-kind episode, guest Marc Garvy takes the helm and we follow him (along with G Koop, O-man, and Anthony Caruso) through the conception and execution of a new track, “Scared Money.”

It is common for GKOM to feature a guest performance at the end of each episode, and we often have musical guests contributing to the beat.  This is the first time that a musician has been a part of the construction and performance processes, which is truly a testament to Marc Garvy’s staggering versatility.

Live drums, weird sampled bass, passing trains, laser-light show, epic guitar tone, a synthfunky hook, mini-harmonica, and even some gang vocals from the team.  Vol 39 “Scared Money”

G Koop & O-man #38 "Power" feat Kim Manning & Jern Eye

Lots of great influence at work here.  G Koop suggested we head in a funk/rock direction and whipped up a temporary drum track.  We got busy rocking out with guitars and organ and P-funk Allstar Kim Manning.  When we had a sufficiently gritty composition in place, Koop threw some new drums at the mix.  Caruso turned it down, we jacked up the tempo a few clicks, and Jern Eye blasted some fresh fire on top.  Boom.  Power.

G Koop & O-man #37 "My Life" feat. Da Blocknocs

In a slight variation on our usual stylings, “My Life” features a meticulously crafted 808 kit but no guitar or bass.  Koop said “We need more hard shit” and began fine-tuning a gangsta drumbeat of epic proportions.  O-man provided some dreamlike, floaty piano and synthesizer textures.  Anthony Caruso was there to help tweak all the sounds and get things extra-psychedelic.

Special thanks to Da Blocknocs for bringing their devil-may-care style to this hard-knock beat.

G Koop & O-man #36 "Bulletproof" feat. Marc Stretch

With footage from the legendary Fuzz Cave to luxxurious Fuzz Deluxe Studios, vol 36 is a streamlined, gritty throwback to GKOM days of yore.  “Bulletproof” is a no-frills approach: hard drums, synth bass, chords, and a melody.  Classic.

Marc Stretch.  Off the glass, off the camera, nothin but handsome.

G Koop & O-man #35 "Mule-weiser" feat Lush One

P-Funk Allstars Kim Manning and Jerome Rodgers are back in this comic-book-adventure-inspired episode.  Inspired musically and visually by one of our favorite Parliament-Funkadelic records, here is an homage to some of our musical heroes.

We dug into the G Koop archives for some artwork by the great Phil Illatovsky, who designed ourSeason One Mixtape cover and is the artist responsible for the background painting visible for the latter half of Season One.  Images are used from two classic G Koop mixtapes, “Beats Vol 9″ and “Vol 7 — Breaks to the Bay”.

GKOM favorite Lush One is back, and he delivers a staggering amount of material as he tells a hypothetical story about a dog and a mule.  Listen carefully and you will be all the wiser for it.

G Koop & O-man #34 "U Can Geddit" feat. Ariane Mitchell

It’s about time, after 34 episodes, that we have our first featured female performer!  Friend of the family Ariane Mitchell brings her dual rapping/singing talents to the studio as we kick down a nice dubby beat for her.  “U Can Geddit” also features another GKOM first… a shower scene!  Unfortunately for our viewers, it is O-man caught in the shower.  Fortunately for our viewers, there is no nudity.

G Koop & O-man #33 "Do What U Wanna" feat. Opio & Lincoln Adler

In Vol 32 “Guitar Jam” we created a guitar jam with the help of our friends Jerome Rodgers & Kim Manning of P-funk fame.  In this follow-up episode, we flip our finished sample into a beat and feature two great performers: East Bay legend Opio drops a killin verse, and original Peoples’ Quintet member Lincoln Adler plays bari & tenor sax.  Lincoln Adler is perhaps best-known (at least in MY book) as the saxophonist in the movie “Don’t Be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood,” but he is also the photographer responsible for our mixtape cover, which you have already downloaded for free right?

G Koop & O-man #32 "Guitar Jam" feat. Jerome Rodgers, Kim Manning, & The Mastrs

Our intention here was to create something interesting to sample for a new beat.  Piece by piece, we layered material for a 1970′s The Who-style epic guitar jam.  Enter Anthony Caruso, who pressed the “Caruso makes everything sound amazing” button (I still can’t seem to find that one…) and really dialed in that classic sound.   Little did we know that the monster we’d created would find its way into the hands of SWTBRD Collective’s DJ Ambush, who suggested The Mastrs (Bankh & Syar) lay some fire over it.  Despite the non-conventional beat we’d created, they dove in full-fetch and helped craft one of our most innovative episodes to date.

In this first (of many to come) videos featuring P-Funk Allstars, atomic badass and P-Funk legend Jerome Rodgers smashes Fuzz Deluxxe Studio with a well-needed guitar solo and even takes some time to lay some piano and rhodes.  Funk-angel Kim Manning joins the team and unleashes just a taste of her vocal mastery.  InChoir-ing minds are grateful.

Stay tuned for the continuation of this episode as we flip it into our originally-intended hip-hop beat.

G Koop & O-man #31 "Haad Shit" feat. Prozack Turner

A little Johann Sebastian Bach provides a solid creative direction for our team in this episode.  Despite a broken pinky, O-man plays from the Well-Tempered Clavier and G Koop dials in a monster beat.  GKOM veteran Prozack Turner spits fierce bars.

G Koop & O-man #30 "Election Results" feat. Big Willie Dynamite

In a special pre-election-day 2012 episode, we invite the monsterously talented Big Willie Dynamite into the studio (Marc Stretch, Mondo, and DJ Ray).  They were given a platform of G Koop, O-man, Jrod Indigo, and Dave Richards, and they ran.  This video documents our first live DJ in a performance, our first time sampling crowd noise, and a tip of the hat to our commander-in-chief. Vote real hip hop 2012, we’ll give you four more years.

G Koop & O-man #29 "My Turn" feat. DB Tha General & Indu$treet AV

Vol 29 was conceived, written, and executed over the course of a few hours.  The beat was constructed by G Koop, O-man added bass, DB wrote a hook and 2 verses, AV added his verse, Anthony Caruso mixed the session.  Boom.  That’s how it’s done.

G Koop & O-man #28 "Hunger Pain" feat. Anmlplnt

Vol 28 features hard-hitting drums, bass, strings, rhodes, & fuzz guitar.  Apes and Pass of Anmlplnt drop some fierce bars.

G Koop & O-man #27 "Mattress" feat NHT Boyz

Vol 27 features rhodes & glockenspiel exploration by piano icon Taylor Eigsti and a commanding performance by NHT Boyz.

G Koop & O-Man #26 "Price Is Right" feat. Foreign Legion

G Koop & O-man #25 part 2 "Mt. Oak Bars"

G Koop & O-man #25 (part 1) feat Taylor Eigsti "Mt. Oakland"

G Koop & O-man #24 feat Foreign Legion & Max MacVeety "Night Moves Funk"

G Koop & O-man #23 feat Da Boy Dame "MOB"

G Koop & O-man #22 feat Passwurdz, Dave Richards and Max MacVeety "Mayne Street"

G Koop & O-man #21 Feat Lush One "Keep Hustlin"

G Koop & O-man #20 feat Nocando "The Curse"

G Koop & O-man #19 feat Ms. K and Moe Green "Dream"

G Koop & O-man #18 feat. Aristotle "Crazy"

G Koop & O-man #17 feat Izrell and Sarah Miller "Coming Attraction"

G Koop & O-man #16 feat Kev Choice "Show You"

G Koop & O-man #15 feat Marc Stretch "Dotted Line"

G Koop & O-man #14 feat Zumbi & Baby Jaymes "The Long Road"

G Koop & O-man #13 feat Gift of Gab "Split Personality"

G Koop & O-man #12 "Try Me" feat Baby Jaymes & Karim aka NIghtclubber Lang

G Koop & O-man #11 "Hot" feat Casual & Dave Richards

G Koop & O-man #10 feat Marc Stretch "Sans Recess"

G Koop & O-man #9 feat NHT Boyz "Internet Gangsta"

G Koop & O-man #8 feat DaVinci "Streets of the Town"

G Koop & O-man #7 feat Marc Stretch & Dave Richards "Pit Boss"

G Koop & O-man #6.1 "Good Times"

G Koop & O-man #5 feat Joyo Velarde & Mr. Town "Runnit Down"

G Koop & O-man #4 "C Over E"

G Koop & O-Man #3 "In Memory of Flutie B"

G Koop & O-man #2.1 "Slow Jam Oohh"

G Koop & O-man #2 "Rolanda Rides the Emu"

G Koop & O-man #1 feat Prozack Turner "Coltraney"