G Koop & O-man v58 "Night Terrors" feat M-Dot, Victor Keys, & Futurist Phil

"Night Terrors" features Boston's M-Dot (EMS Crew), with visual and musical contributions from Victor Keys and Futurist Phil.

G Koop & O-man vol 57 "On Off" feat Marc Stretch & DJ Toure. Shot by Andrew Elsayid

         Longtime collaborators Marc Stretch (Foreign Legion), and DJ Toure (Hieroglyphics), along with the team’s core, perform and record the upbeat and energetic "On Off,” a staple of the groups live set. 


G Koop & O-man Vol 57 ”On Off" showcases the interplay between band members and features the cinematography of Andrew Elsayid.

G Koop & O-man v56 "Ascent" feat CJ, Clay, & Wax Roof

Volume 56 is anchored by frequent collaborator CJ (HBK Gang) and Clay (LA based singer/songwriter) on “Ascent." They walk us through their creative process in the episode, as does guitarist Wax Roof. For the EP, the GKOM team mutated the core material of “Ascent” to create two additional tracks: the hypnotic “Ascent Part II Rotation,” which features CJ, singer/songwriter Khyenci, & ST Spittin (Schmop Life); and the frenetic “Ascent Part III Everybody Wanna Don’t Dance," a showcase for drummer Omayga’s uptempo funk grooves and some classic vocoder & talkbox.

GKOM vol 55: "Profile" feat Skipper

Volume 55 showcases the group's collaboration with Skipper (HBK Gang) on the track “Profile’ and a handful of remixes; including the “Big Bounce Mix” which also has a guest verse from CJ.

GKOM vol 54 "Ya Mawalana" feat Ant & Brother Ali

In Volume 54, the group creates the track “Ya Mawlana” with Brother Ali & Ant of the legendary Rhymesayers crew. 

G Koop and O-man vol 53 "Lost in the Game" feat Tajai, Izrell, London, Clip Payne, Omayga

The hiatus between season’s 2 and 3 saw the team (including frequent collaborator Anthony Caruso) collectively working with the likes of Drake, Funkadelic, Atmosphere, and Future as well as working on the soundtrack’s to such video games as The Last of Us, Journey, and Bloodborne.
Each episode of the show boasts collaborations with various artists and musicians. The first episode of season 3 “Lost In The Game” features artists Tajai Massey (Souls Of Mischief/Hieroglyphics), Izrell, and London, and musical contributions from Clip Payne (P-Funk All Stars) and Omayga.